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Welcome To Pak Surgical
Pak Surgical Manufacturers Exporters of Surgical & Dental instruments 

Pak Surgical specializes in manufacturing the highest quality Surgical & Dental instruments in different regions of the world by employing qualified technicians and installing advanced production equipment.

Serving  valued business colleagues around the world in various fields while keeping in view the best and timely services at supreme priority.  

Successful Certifications of ISO 9001: 2008 reflects Pak Surgical skills and continuous commitment to the excellence.

Pak Surgical Manufacturers Exporters Of Specialist  Surgical Diagnostic, Anaesthesia Scalpels, Knives & Scalpel Handles , Scissors ,Dissecting & Tissue Forceps ,Sponge, Tissue Grasping Forceps ,Vessles Clips, Clamps, Forceps  , Ligature, Forceps, Vaginal Clamps ,Needle Holders, Suture Instruments,

Probes, Pocket Instruments Sets ,Wound Retractors ,Slef-Retaining, Abdominal Retactors ,Abdomina Surgery Instestinal & Rectal 
Gall Bladder, Liver & Spleen Instruments ,Genito-Urinary Instruments & Trocars ,Vaginal Specula & Uterine Dilators ,Uterine Probes, Ovum Forceps ,Biopsy Instruments & Curettes ,

Obstetrics & Tracheotomy ,Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery ,Bone Punches, Rongeurs ,Elevators, Bone Levers, Bone Files 
Mallets, Chisels & Gouges ,Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Rongeurs

Plaster Instruments ,Scution Instruments ,Hollow Ware ,Tungsten Carbide Instruments Endodontic Forceps Tissue Forceps Retractors Mouth Gags

Cement instruments ,spatulas Knives ,bone curettes & files Bone Chisels , Bone Mallets Crown Remover  implant instruments

Orthodontic Pliers  Orthodontic Cutteers Rongeurs Needle Holders

Burnishers,Carvers , Chisels Composite Placements Filling instruments ,Curettes Disposable instruments

Scissors Impression trays Articulators Hollow Wares T.C instruments

Scalpel Handles Mouth Mirrors Handles Scalers Explorers Probes Condensers Excavators

Extracting Forceps Root Elevators Measuring instruments Amalgam Guns & Carriers Retainers 

Rubber Dam instruments Syringes Tweezers Sterilizing & Lab instruments Ect...

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Muhammad Zia ullah  Call +923211114381 

Pak Surgical Abdullah Street Fateh Garh Town Sialkot 51310 pakistan

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